Ralitsa Karieva


Литературен вестник

Литературна критика и анализи


In my second year of university studies I was asked to contribute translations for Literaturen Vestnik (Literary Newspape) – a national weekly paper focusing on established and emerging literary talents and their works through in-depth literary criticism, poetry, fiction and non-fiction reviews, commentaries on current issues of culture and society. My work with the paper continued throughout my studies and a few years after that. I translated various papers by Roland Barthes, Susan Sontag, and others. Today, I am still excited about every new issue.

Преводите ми за „Литературен вестник” бяха свързани най-вече с критически статии и рецензии, както представяне на нови публикации и преводи. Днес продължавам с удоволствие да следя всеки нов брой.

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